Will Rice

Will Rice, ML Engineer

Following this guide teaches you how to deploy your models on an embedded device.

Learn to Use Custom Wake Word and Text-to-Speech on a Raspberry Pi

One of the primary motivations for working on spokestack-python was to allow our models to run on embedded devices like Raspberry Pi . We are excited to show…

Josh Ziegler

Josh Ziegler, Principal Computational Linguist

We'll show you where keyword recognition models fit in with wake words, ASR, and NLU; and we'll help you decide if they're right for your app.

What's a Keyword Model, and Why Would I Use One?

So you've read the description of a keyword recognition model , but you still have questions. Not a problem! Keyword recognition (sometimes called "keyword…

Josh Ziegler

Josh Ziegler, Principal Computational Linguist

Use Spokestack's keyword recognizer model and Python library to help save up for a rainy day.

A Swear Jar in 100 Lines of Python

In this tutorial, we're going to use Spokestack's AutoML training tool to create a keyword recognizer model and use it, along with the spokestack-python…

Noel Weichbrodt

Noel Weichbrodt, President

Spokestack Maker introduces sophisticated AutoML tools for creating personal AI models. What are they, and how should they be used?

What Are Personal AI Models?

The Spokestack Maker service is designed for two audiences: (1) hobbyists who want to personalize their projects, and (2) developers who want to prototype a…

Josh Ziegler

Josh Ziegler, Principal Computational Linguist

Use Spokestack's TTS service to avoid your skill sounding like all the others.

How to Change Alexa's Voice

At Spokestack, one of our core goals is to make it possible for every mobile app or voice skill to have its own unique audible voice. Amazon and Google make it…


Become a Spokestack Maker and #OwnYourVoice

Access our hosted services for model import, natural language processing, text-to-speech, and wakeword.