Introducing Spokestack Maker - AutoML Personal Voice for Creators

Introducing Spokestack Maker - AutoML Personal Voice for Creators

Spokestack exists to help put voice into software because voice is a humane way to interface with software and because software needs better, more accessible tools to utilize voice.

Spokestack Maker introduces sophisticated machine learning tools for voice to a new audience of prototypers, enthusiasts, and makers. Create, train, distribute, and use state-of-the-art personal wake word, keyword, and text-to-speech (TTS) models — with your own voice.

Now all developers, not just voice assistant experts or machine learning specialists, can create sofware featuring voice. Spokestack Maker turns voice technology into just another interface developers can utilize—like a mouse & keyboard or a touchscreen—to interact with users.

Lowering the barriers to voice technology means reducing technical cost in addition to the sticker shock that custom machine learning models often carry. Voice AI is a difficult field, full of papers with irreproducible results, hidden pitfalls, and undocumented code. You can end up spending all day in Jupyter notebooks babysitting training jobs instead of building your killer app. We know, we’ve done it before! Spokestack Maker turns voice into just another interface developers utilize—like a mouse & keyboard or a touchscreen—to interact with users.

Spokestack is open-source

Spokestack already offers powerful, industry-leading libraries for utilizing voice in Python, React Native, Android, Node, and iOS. With Spokestack Maker, that voice becomes personal and customizable, utilizing state of the art self-service AutoML technology.

With Spokestack Maker, you have the power of three new tools for training your own wake word, keyword, and TTS models using data you record yourself. You’ll still have access to the same NLU model trainer and TTS showcase available to all existing free accounts.

Live Maker Q & A with the Spokestack team

Have more questions, or want a live demo of Maker? We’re handing out swag and answering questions Wednesday June 2 at 1pm EDT. The whole Spokestack team will be on to talk about why we created Maker, some ideas of how you can use the tools in your software, and answer any questions from the chat! Can’t make it then? The live event will be archived on our Youtube for on-demand viewing.

Features and Pricing

Want to test drive cutting-edge machine learning features like keyword recognition, wake word activation, and custom AI voices without breaking the bank? Spokestack Maker brings this enterprise-level technology to the creator market for the first time.

Spokestack’s Maker subscription pricing is tailored for two audiences: hobbyists who want to personalize their projects and developers who want to prototype a project as realistically as possible before committing to training a universal wake word model or studio-quality TTS voice.

You’ll be able to download your personal models, train and retrain your personal models and enjoy API access your personal TTS voice as long as your Maker subscription is active. If you decide you’d like to take it to the next level and make a universal wake word/keyword model or a studio-quality TTS voice, join the Spokestack Pro waitlist!

Originally posted May 26, 2021