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Josh Ziegler

Josh Ziegler, Principal Computational Linguist

Google provides a command line utility for converting TensorFlow models into TensorFlow.js format for running in a browser, but what if you want to do that conversion in code?

Converting a TensorFlow Model to TensorFlow.js in Python

At Spokestack, we use several different types of TensorFlow model, and we have various deployment targets for them: big models for the cloud, small TensorFlow…

Will Rice

Will Rice, ML Engineer

This tutorial leverages HuggingFace's Transformer library to make a voice question answering bot with Spokestack.

Question Answering With Spokestack and Transformers

The ability to find information is a fundamental feature of the internet. Often, the information sought is the answer to a question. When it comes to answering…

Josh Ziegler

Josh Ziegler, Principal Computational Linguist

Avoid text to speech pitfalls and learn more about TTS output. Josh Ziegler shares some of the edge cases we've encountered while building our system.

TTS, Outside the (Black) Box

At Spokestack, we process a lot of, well, speech. Our libraries help you both listen to and talk to your users. Both parts are tricky, requiring sophisticated…

Become a Spokestack Maker and #OwnYourVoice

Access our hosted services for model import, natural language processing, text-to-speech, and wakeword.