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Mike Tatum

Mike Tatum, Advisor

Spokestack Tray makes it much easier to begin experimenting with adding a voice interface to your app and conversing with your customers. Get started building your own independent voice assistant.

Why We Built Spokestack Tray

We started Spokestack to give developers the freedom to build the conversational experiences they wanted to build without limitations. So we created iOS…

Mike Tatum

Mike Tatum, Advisor

Today we announce Spokestack Tray: a UI component for iOS, Android, and React Native making it easy to add Spokestack to any mobile app. Create your own Independent Voice Assistant!

Introducing Spokestack Tray – a Turnkey Voice Interface for Mobile Apps

Today we are excited to announce our latest developer feature: Spokestack Tray, a mobile library that lets developers easily add a voice interface to their…

Become a Spokestack Maker and #OwnYourVoice

Access our hosted services for model import, natural language processing, text-to-speech, and wakeword.