Export An Existing NLU Model

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This guide details the process of exporting an existing interaction model from Alexa, Dialogflow, or Jovo for use with Spokestack.


  1. Go to the Alexa Developer Console.
  2. Copy the contents of your Interaction Model from the JSON Editor into a file named {skill_name}.json.
  3. Upload {skill_name}.json to the Spokestack Console


  1. Go to the Dialogflow Console.
  2. Choose the agent you would like to export.
  3. Navigate to the agent settings (cog wheel).
  4. Click the Export and Import tab.
  5. Select Export as zip and save the .zip file.
  6. Upload the .zip file to the Spokestack Console


  1. Add your Spokestack API key and secret to your project’s configuration file.
  2. Run the jovo build command to create a platforms/spokestack directory.
  3. Run the jovo deploy command to upload your model.