Spokestack Tray

Spokestack Tray manages voice interactions for your app, delivering actionable user commands with just a few lines of code.

Tray is a drop-in UI component available for Android, iOS, and React Native. It includes an unintrusive microphone button, a visual indicator of when the app is actively listening, and a text-based history of the entire conversation between the app and the user. It’s designed to help you prototype a voice experience without having to write a custom UI to get visual feedback, but it’s also easily customizable. If its user experience fits your app, you can switch out a few colors and ship it right to an app store; we won’t complain.

Few mobile developers understand how to design conversational experiences. And few voice developers know how to build mobile apps. At Spokestack, we’re hoping to nudge both sides closer to each other.

With Spokestack Tray, we’ve created a ready-made “voice kit” that still allows for customization without having to design a voice interface from scratch. Will you still need to build a conversation? Yes, but you don’t have to think about how the user will interact with the conversation. Spokestack Tray makes it much easier to begin experimenting with adding a voice interface to your app and conversing with your customers.

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