NLU in Python

This is a companion to the NLU concept guide, which is a detailed outline of the NLU module. Here we’ll talk about usage issues specific to the Python client library.


As mentioned in the concept guide, every NLU model will have three files:

  • vocab.txt
  • nlu.tflite
  • metadata.json

The path to the directory containing these files is passed as the model_dir argument on initialization of the NLU.


As mentioned in the Getting Started guide, initializing the Spokestack NLU is just like other Spokestack components.

from spokestack.nlu.tflite import TFLiteNLU

nlu = TFLiteNLU("model_dir")

NLU Results

NLU results are returned in a wrapper that allows for easy access of the properties. The Result class contains:

  • utterance: unmodified transcript received by the NLU
  • intent: classified user intent
  • confidence: model confidence in intent classification
  • slots: slots tagged by the model

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