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Building a Voice Interface is Hard

We know, we've done it before! And we've heard all about it from you too:

Technology Lock-In

Technology Lock-In

Fragmented voice ecosystems means that you’re either stuck on one platform, or only support one part of voice technology. Only for Android. Only for smart speakers. Only TTS.

Specialized Machine Learning Expertise

Specialized Machine Learning Expertise

Voice AI is a difficult field full of papers with irreproducible results, easy to overlook pitfalls, and undocumented code.

Where to Start?

Where to Start?

So many packages and acronoyms, where to begin...

Hard To Use Tools

Hard To Use Tools

Spend all day in Jupyter notebooks babysitting training jobs instead of building your killer app! Or spend all day clicking and dragging in a poorly-designed “Conversation Designer”.

Can't Customize

Can't Customize

Can your software listen when a user runs it? Can you only speak to users in “Siri Voice”? Is the platform wake word the only way to activate your app?

Voice Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Built by Developers, for Developers


Develop Across Platforms Using One API

Managing voice interfaces across embedded, mobile, and the web can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. With Spokestack, spend more time building voice-powered features for your customers and less time managing platforms.

Spokestack Is Modular


Open Source Libraries for Mobile, Web, and Embedded Devices

The key AI technologies for voice under a simple unified API with clear documentation available on every major platform.

React Native
Spokestack Is Cross-Platform

Full Stack

Just the Voice Tech You Need

Spokestack's, er, stack, has all the voice technology features you could want, but its modular design doesn’t make you use any that you don’t need. Voice activity detection that triggers when human speech is heard, wake word activation on your custom phrases, keyword recognition of just the commands you define, automatic speech recognition choices, natural language understanding of intents and slots, and text-to-speech voices unique to you.

Automatic Speech Recognition
Voice Activity Detection
Wake Word
Keyword Recognition
Natural Language Understanding
Spokestack Is Streamlined

No-Code Integrations

Maintain Control and Flexibility

Our framework allows full control of your voice assistant's speech pipeline. Want to use Cortana instead of Google on Android? Prefer to use Dialogflow to understand what your users are saying? Want to use our TTS service instead of Amazon Polly? No problem!

Google Assistant
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Spokestack Is Flexible


Complete Control, Online and Offline

Make custom multilingual wake words, recognize keywords in any language (or sound!), and create your own AI voice clone. Oh, and it all runs offline!

Wake Word
Keyword Recognition
Spokestack Is Cutomizable

Spokestack Maker

Startups, developers, and hobbyists use Spokestack to prototype projects before committing to training a universal wake word/keyword model or studio-quality TTS voice.

Wake Word
Keyword Recognition
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Testimonials from Developers like You

Currently working on our very first MVP in the field of Life Sciences. Just getting started with your technology, amazing stuff! And so well documented! I’m developing our prototype app, and Spokestack is working very well. I sucessfully uploaded a model and am using it, sounds awesome! I have seen that Spokestack fulfills all our current needs for developing an MVP.

Lirry P.

Chief Design Officer, Elementa Labs

I have been using the wake word training feature and it's working great for my voice. Personal wake words are great for demo projects. Ease of use is superb! Love what you and the Spokestack team have done for wake word and all else.


a•kin AI

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Learn to Use Custom Wake Word and Text-to-Speech on a Raspberry Pi

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