Josh Ziegler

Josh Ziegler, Principal Computational LinguistNovember 23, 2020

Integrating Spokestack with Google App Actions, Part 1

The terms “smart speaker” and “voice assistant” are now full members of our cultural vocabulary. Talking to a voice assistant has become so common that voice…

Will Rice

Will Rice, ML EngineerOctober 05, 2020

Porting the Alexa Minecraft Skill to Python Using Spokestack

This is a tutorial on how to port a simple Minecraft recipe skill to Spokestack using the spokestack-python library. It is similar to our mobile tutorial series…

Cory D. Wiles

Cory D. Wiles, Spokestack Certified DeveloperSeptember 18, 2020

Integrating Spokestack in iOS

As much time, talent and treasure that Apple has put into Siri, ASR, and NLU, integrating a custom voice-enabled app experience is still challenging! Spokestack…

Timmy Willison

Timmy Willison, Front-End EngineerSeptember 01, 2020

Integrating Spokestack in React Native

Not long ago, adding voice to any mobile app was not only time-consuming, but difficult and convoluted. This was especially true when adding voice experiences…

Josh Ziegler

Josh Ziegler, Principal Computational LinguistJune 09, 2020

Implementing reprompts with Spokestack

Reprompts are a convenient feature provided by most smart speaker platforms. In plain English, a reprompt is a special message given to the user under the…

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